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Board Organization

The Pennsylvania Board of Probation and Parole (Board) maintains one central administrative office in Harrisburg.

Office of the Chairman

As chief executive of the Board, the Chairman is responsible for the overall administration of the Board’s operations and services. The chairman represents the Board on a number of statutorily constructed committees, including the Advisory Committee on Probation and the Commission on Crime and Delinquency. Duties also include certifying parole releases of certain offenders, authorizing legislative and policy initiatives, and working with other agency heads in the criminal justice area of practice. The Chairman provides direction to carry out the Board’s mission.


Office of Chief Counsel

Chief Counsel provides general legal representation for the Board, the Sexual Offenders Assessment Board, Office of Victim Advocate, and the Firearm Education Training Commission. The function of Chief Counsel may be divided into two areas: probation and parole law and labor and employment law. This office also handles the review of contracts, regulations and policies, training on various topics as well as providing advice on Right to Know Law requests.


Special Assistant to the Chairman (Communications/Press)

This office serves as the Board’s point of contact with the media and the general public. The office prepares all forms of communication such as publications, reports and website material.


Office of Policy and Legislative Affairs

This office serves as the agency’s point of contact with the General Assembly, other state government agencies, and the Governor’s Office. The office oversees all agency procedure development, state performance plan reporting, budget requests, and legislative initiatives.


Office of Hearing Examiners

This office is responsible for conducting parole interviews and various parole hearings in state, county, and community correction facilities. This office assists in training Board staff on the violation and revocation processes, and other procedures. 

Office of Board Secretary

The Office of Board Secretary (OBS) functions to attest to acts of the Board and affix the official seal of the Board to certificates of the Chairman. The office maintains records for the interview and hearing process. The OBS oversees the production of all board decisions to grant, deny, or revoke parole. It acts as a liaison between the board and the Department of Corrections at the Joint Resolution Committee meetings where issues are discussed with regards to case decisions. This division monitors offenders in the Witness Protection Program and the Interstate Corrections Compact and prepare their cases for parole review. Juvenile Lifer cases are monitored for the period of parole interview to parole release within this office.

Division of Case Management

This division is responsible for the Board’s records from creation and maintenance to the archiving of files upon closure. Staff is responsible for preparing dockets to ensure all information is available when the inmate is interviewed. This division is responsible for processing of files through the distribution of Board decisions through mail and email to the institutions for dissemination to the inmates. This division responds to written and telephone inquiries about parole decisions and policies and procedures of the Board.

Division of Case Analysis

This division is responsible for data entry of all board decisions regarding inmates eligible for parole and reparole consideration. Technicians in this area are also responsible for time calculations and data entry for violators. Chairperson certificates for violent offenders are forwarded to the division from field staff for processing, and then forwarded for the chairperson’s signature. The Director assists the Board Secretary with the Joint Resolution Cases.

Division of Quality Assurance

This division is responsible for implementation of new case processing procedures. The Parole Manager reviews cases and works with individuals to train on areas of need. This division responds to petitions for administrative review on issues such as the order of service of sentences, credit as applied to the inmate’s maximum sentence, and reparole review dates. The Parole Manager assists the Board Secretary with Witness Protection Program and Interstate Corrections Compact cases.