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Research Requests and Proposals 

The links shown below relate to conducting research with Pennsylvania’s Board of Probation and Parole (Board) staff or offenders under the board’s supervision. Researchers preparing a proposal for submission to Board should review these attachments carefully and follow the instructions as provided.
The first link shown below describes in detail Board Research Activities Policy (1.07.01). This Research Policy establishes a Research Review Committee (RRC), made up of key administrative staff from the Board. The RRC provides feedback to the RRC Chair, who is responsible for issuing a final decision on all research proposal submissions.
The second link shown below is the Request for Approval of Research Proposal (RARP) form which must be completed and submitted by the researcher. This form requires specific information be provided by the Researcher including information about the research topic, the specific hypotheses and research questions, and the expected outcomes of the research. Please note that descriptive narratives for these sections need not be typed directly onto the form, they can be attached on separate sheets, but in any event should not be handwritten.
The completed form needs to be saved as a PDF document before completion and may be submitted via email to:
Research Proposal Submission at
or mailed to:

Bureau of Planning, Research and Statistics
PA Department of Corrections
1920 Technology Parkway
Mechanicsburg, PA 17050