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Parole Conditions

The following are General Conditions of Parole as established by the Pennsylvania Prisons and Parole Code.
1.  Must be under the supervision of a district office or sub-office and not leave that district without prior written permission of the supervising parole agent.
2.  Must obtain prior written permission of the supervising parole agent in order to change residence.
3.  Must maintain regular contact with the parole agent by:
     a. Reporting regularly as instructed and following written instructions of agent.
     b. Notifying agent within 72 hours of an arrest, receipt of a summons, citation or offenses punishable by imprisonment.
     c. Notifying agent within 72 hours of a change in status including employment, on-the-job training and education.
4.  Must comply with state, county, local and federal criminal laws, regulations, ordinances, the vehicle code and the liquor code.
5.  Must abstain from the unlawful possession or sale of narcotics/drugs and from the use of controlled substances without a valid prescription.
6.  Must refrain from owning/possessing firearms or other weapons. This includes all firearms whether functional or not and includes facsimiles, muzzle loaders, archery equipment, etc.
7.  Must refrain from assaultive behavior, including physical and verbal assault.
8.  Must make continuing payments on fines, costs and restitution imposed by the sentencing court

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