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Inmate Obligations

The following obligations must be met before an inmate is released from a state correctional institution or a county jail facility.

Most parole interviews occur four months prior to the inmate’s minimum sentence date, but the inmate cannot be released before the minimum sentence date. Many things must happen prior to release. On average an inmate is released within 4-6 weeks from the time they are notified of the decision to parole if their minimum date has passed.
After parole is granted, but before an inmate may be released to either a Community Corrections Center (CCC) or a home plan, the laws of Pennsylvania require completion of various actions.

Negative Pre-Release Drug Screening Test

Inmates with drug-related convictions or who have tested positive for drugs while in prison must test negative for illegal drugs. Test results are valid for 45 days.

Payment of Fees for Victims

Pennsylvania law requires inmates to pay a fee to a fund that provides certain services to victims of crime.

Submission of DNA Sample

All inmates currently incarcerated for certain misdemeanors or any felony offenses are required to provide a DNA sample. Inmates convicted of an offense requiring registration must register their home address, intended place of employment, and/or enrollment as a student with the Pennsylvania State Police.

Participation in Victim Impact Education Program

If an inmate has been convicted of a crime of violence, as defined by 42 Pa.C.S. § 9714(g), the inmate must participate in a victim impact education program offered by the Department of Corrections.

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