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Home Plan Approval

If the inmate is in state prison or county jail serving a state sentence and is approaching his or her minimum sentence date:

Approximately eight months before the minimum sentence date, the inmate should be given a Statement of Residence (pdf) and a Statement of Employment (pdf) form.

The inmate should send the Statement of Residence (pdf) form to the person(s) offering him a residence and the Statement of Employment (pdf) form to potential employers.
After the inmate has received the Statement of Residence signed by the potential home provider or the Statement of Employment signed by the potential employer, it is the inmate’s responsibility to make sure the forms are given to his institutional parole agent.
The investigation of a home plan is initiated shortly after an offender has been granted parole, which is often before the minimum sentence date.

If the inmate is in a state prison or county jail and has previously been denied parole:

The inmate’s most recent board action will establish a proposed month for a parole review.
The inmate’s institutional parole agent will instruct the inmate on how to submit a proposed home plan three months prior to the scheduled parole interview month.

If the inmate is in a CCC or halfway house:

When the inmate thinks he or she has found a valid home plan proposal, they contact their Department of Corrections (DOC) case manager or parole agent at the facility and provide this information.
After the inmate receives these materials back from the potential provider the materials are to be given to the inmate’s DOC case manager. The case manager will forward these materials to institutional parole staff for individual investigation by a field agent.

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